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B2B lead generation is the process of identifying, attracting, and converting potential business prospects into qualified leads. These leads are individuals or organizations that have shown interest in a product or service offered by a business and has the potential to become paying customers.

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Do you need help with B2B lead generation service for your business? We have over 2 years of experience in lead generation. The Digital Business Solver team gives you targeted, fresh B2B prospect list based on your criteria.

Importance of B2B Lead Generation Service

B2B lead generation is crucial for sustaining and expanding a business. It serves as the foundation for building a pipeline of potential customers, driving sales, and ultimately, increasing revenue. Effective lead-generation strategies enable businesses to target the right audience, nurture relationships, and convert leads into loyal customers.

We are very excited help you to grow your business! Highly targeted lead creation is one of the most efficient and cost-effective strategies to grow a business. We need to know your target market to get started the B2B lead generation:

  • Target Industry: (Example: Restaurant, Jewellery, Real Estate, etc.)
  • Target Location: City/Country.
  • Company/website/contact list (if available)
  • Targeted Job Titles/Roles.
  • Required file Format.

Digital Business Solver will provide you leads in the following format

  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • Company Address
  • Company Phone Number
  • LinkedIn/Social Media URL
  • First & Last Name
  • Job Title


Digital Business Solver ( DBS ) provide 100% accuracy Data. Our data-driven approach ensures accuracy and up-to-date information. Digital Business Solver (DBS) emerges as a leading provider of B2B lead generation solutions. We are ready to unlock new opportunities for your businesses, drive growth, and achieve your goals.

Note: Please send us a message before placing an order and complete instructions for the work to be done.

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100 Leads 35$, 500 leads 120$, 1000 leads 200$


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